Queen never ended “We are the champions of the world” – the Mandela Effect in action

Ask someone to sing “We are the Champions” by Queen and they’ll close with the oft-sung “We are the champions…..of the world!” Except, Queen never sang that in the song. Other examples of things you’ll swear you remember that just are not true include the famous Forrest Gump line never uttered “Life is like a box of chocolates.” (Life was like a box of chocolates) and Darth Vader uttering “Luke, I am your father.” ( “No, I am your father.” )

How can this be?! The human memory is known to be less than perfect. In fact, it is known that how you remember things depends on your biases and prejudices, the word choice someone uses to ask you to recall an event, and how others witnesses recall the event. Further, science shows every time you recall an event, the memory (and the neuronal circuitry used to store/retrieve it) changes slightly. It is believed that false memories arise and are spread such that they become taken as truth.

This phenomenon in which false memories propagate is known as the Mandela Effect. It was coined by paranormal researcher Fiona Bloome when a popular false memory circulated regarding Nelson Mandela’s death broadcast in the 80s (who would not pass until 2013).

Interestingly, some have gone on to claim these inconsistencies are proof of parallel universes or that the timeline we live on is being altered.

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